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Technology-enhanced learning objects and learning outcomes The first part of my research was about the way secondary school teachers use their LMS (Learning Management System). The results have been published recently. I will upload that paper here as well very...

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Technology-enhanced learning objects and learning outcomes The first part of my research was about the way secondary school teachers use their LMS (Learning Management System). The results have been published recently. I will upload that paper here as well very...

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Researching instructional use and the technology acceptation... Time flies. Only one more year to go in my PhD-track! From now on, the only thing I will do is writing and writing. Luckily the first part of my research has been published already (a preprint version). The...

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Wiki's in het onderwijs (Dutch papers) In het verleden schreef ik 2 artikels in het Nederlands over wiki's. Zijn wiki's nieuw voor u? Dan is het eerste artikel 'Het gebruik van wiki’s in het onderwijs' een goed startpunt. Zoekt u concrete...

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Researching instructional use and the technology acceptation of learning management systems

Posted by @drsmetty | Posted in phd | Posted on 21-10-2013


Time flies. Only one more year to go in my PhD-track! From now on, the only thing I will do is writing and writing.

Luckily the first part of my research has been published already (a preprint version).

The aim of part I was to understand the technology acceptation of learning management systems (LMS, ELO in Dutch) by secondary school teachers and to investigate the instructional use of LMS. Data were collected from 505 Flemish secondary school teachers.

Follow-up research will concentrate on the use of learning paths within LMS. Two cycles of research have been executed and all data has been collected. An article on the use of learning paths will be submitted to a journal somewhere soon.

If you use the article as published in Computers & Education, please cite as following:

De Smet, C., Bourgonjon, J., De Wever, B., Schellens, T., & Valcke, M. (2012).
Researching instructional use and the technology acceptation of learning management systems by secondary school teachers. Computers & Education, 58(2), 688-696.

Wiki’s in het onderwijs (Dutch papers)

Posted by @drsmetty | Posted in Article | Posted on 29-04-2013


In het verleden schreef ik 2 artikels in het Nederlands over wiki’s.

Zijn wiki’s nieuw voor u? Dan is het eerste artikel ‘Het gebruik van wiki’s in het onderwijs’ een goed startpunt.

Zoekt u concrete praktijkervaringen met betrekking tot het didactische gebruik van wiki’s en een bruikbaar stapenplan? Dan adviseer ik u het artikel ‘Didactisch gebruik van wiki’s’ te lezen.

De artikels zijn auteursrechtelijk beschermd, gelieve dit te respecteren.

Citeren artikels:

De Smet, Cindy. (2005). Het gebruik van wiki’s in onderwijs. In D. Grombeir & F. Questier (Eds.), Open bron, open inhoud, open leren (pp. 119–132). Mechelen: Wolters Plantyn.

De Smet, Cindy, & De Wever, B. (2009). Didactisch gebruik van wiki’s. ICT en onderwijshernieuwing: schoolleiding en begeleiding (pp. 85–104). Mechelen: Wolters Plantyn.

Will MOOC’s change education and the LMS industry?

Posted by @drsmetty | Posted in MOOC | Posted on 07-11-2012


The MOOC story is getting more interesting every day. A week ago, LMS provider Instructure, started a new platform  -The Canvas Network – that will compete with Coursera, Udacity and edX.

So, what’s new under the sun? Well, this:

The Canvas Network is initiated by an LMS provider and will be used by their existing clients. And, “the instructional design, the course content, and the technical support for running the online classes occur on the institutional level and are not outsourced or licensed to Instructure” (Audrey Watters, 2012).

I see a hugh potential in this way of working. As an instructor, you don’t have to switch platforms again. As a student, you get to know how a specific institution works. As an institution, you can controle what’s happening. And I guess Instructure will benefit on the sales site as well.

Are there interesting courses on The Canvas Network? For me, the answer is yes. I subscribed to ‘Introduction to openness in education‘ that will be given by David Wiley, a founding father of open content

Hat tip: hack education

Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Facebook: How today’s Higher Education Faculty Use Social Media

Posted by @drsmetty | Posted in e-learning | Posted on 05-11-2012


See on Scoop.itAn e-learning eagle’s view

Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Facebook: How Today’s Higher Education Faculty Use Social Media.

Comment: Very interesting report published by the Pearson Learning Solutions and the Babson Survey Research Group.
The response rate of this online survey was about 6%. This means the results might be biased and not valid for the entire population.

Direct report link: http://www.pearsonlearningsolutions.com/higher-education/social-media-survey.php


Minnesota Bans Coursera

Posted by @drsmetty | Posted in MOOC | Posted on 20-10-2012


See on Scoop.it – An e-learning eagle’s view

The State of Minnesota has banned popular free online education site, Coursera, and has sent warning notices to its institutional partners,…
Original post on techcrunch.com

Dr Smetty’s comment: oh well, the state of Minnesota will not be able to stop this evolution in education. Keep on going Coursera.

Via @Beatever

Technology-enhanced learning objects and learning outcomes

Posted by @drsmetty | Posted in Article | Posted on 17-04-2012


The first part of my research was about the way secondary school teachers use their LMS (Learning Management System). The results have been published recently. I will upload that paper here as well very soon.

As we found that teachers use their LMS mainly for administrative reasons, we decided for the second part to research learning within the LMS, and this from a teachers’ and students’ perspective.

The first results of that research are published as a poster presentation (download here) during AERA 2012 (Vancouver, B.C., Canada).

Visit this website to find out how you can successfully incorporate technology into your classroom.

Paper: The Impact of Group Setting and Visual Representations on Secondary School Students’ Learning Outcomes. Cindy De Smet, University College Ghent and Ghent University; Tammy Schellens, Ghent University; Bram De Wever, Ghent University; Martin M. Valcke, Ghent University. Presented at AERA 2012, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Phare conference

Posted by @drsmetty | Posted in Conference | Posted on 24-02-2011

Tags: #phareconf, ghent web valley, phare conference


Today, I had the privilege to attend an internet conference in my hometown. The line-up was quite impressive, but 3 speakers were outstanding: Jeremy Keith, Gary Vaynerchuck and James Bridle. I made some notes and grabbed some videos that are shared by the conference organizers.

Jeremy Keith:

“The web does forget on what you stay or do.”  Read: don’t be afraid about Google of Facebook.
“Storing information on a long term is a problem.” Keith’s advice: DIY (hosting), ‘open’ rules (format, data) and use a liberal policy (Creative Commons).

Jeremy Keith on Phare Conference from REC Radiocentrum on Vimeo.

Gary Vaynerchuck

“Twitter is about listening, not about talking.”
“Content is King, context is God”.


Gary Vaynerchuk on Phare Conference 2011 from REC Radiocentrum on Vimeo.






Network visual

Posted by @drsmetty | Posted in Personal | Posted on 04-02-2011

Tags: LinkedIn InMaps


LinkedIn has never been the most sexy service out there. But lately, they have done some improvements that I appreciate.

They just introduced InMaps (found via BVLG), a product that let’s you visualize your network. The result is a color-coded map that represents the different groups in your network. Colors are given to people who have (or had) the same employer, people working in the same industry etc. This is my map (click to enlarge):

On my map, I found 3 groups related to a former employer, 2 groups who are related to a specific industry and 3 groups who where difficult to label. A lot of my network consists of people I met on unconferences, blogdinners or via social media networks. The only thing they have in common is a blog and/or a Twitter-account.

Something interesting are the bigger names on your map. They represent people who are the most connected within that specific cluster or group. Most probably they are they are the ‘influentials’ within that group.

One more thing. I can’t really see who is closest to me on the map, but one of them is my better half. Funny.

Leweb 10

Posted by @drsmetty | Posted in Conference | Posted on 13-12-2010

Tags: leweb10


I was at the office this week and had the opportunity to watch a big part of the Leweb 10 conference program, which was streamed online. It must be said, Leweb just rocks, offering everyone to join the party from their office chairs.

If you’re not familiar with Leweb, they bring the hottest entrepreneurs, investors and media personalities of the internet on stage. This year, my two favorite talks were a bit more off topic. They have been labeled as “TED“-talks and I agree on that.

The first talk I liked was by Dr. Bertrand Piccard from Solar Impulse. His grandfather made the first ascents into the stratosphere, his father made the deepest dive ever and Betrand himself was the first to fly around the world in a balloon. His next project is even more challenging; fly around the world in a solar airplane. I admire people like him a lot, their drive and belief to change the world. They just do it:

The second talk was given by Ariel Garten, CEO of Interaxon. Her company is all about thought controlled computing. I was stunned about the possibilities their technology can offer: from a greater gaming experience to a medical revolution for those sitting in a wheelchair. I have to say, Ariel made me think of a character in a fairy tale, but she and her technology are not fiction but reality. Have a look at this great technology:

More of Leweb on YouTube and Ustream.

Acceptation of the LMS by the secondary school teacher

Posted by @drsmetty | Posted in Conference, phd | Posted on 11-11-2010

Tags: #owd10 LMS VLE


After 2 years of collecting data, I finally got to a more exciting point in my PhD: analyzing the data and publishing the results.

In my first study, we search for reasons behind the technology acceptation of learning management systems (LMS) by secondary school teachers and also investigate the instructional use of the LMS. I ‘ve been writing 2 conference papers about it and they are submitted to international conferences. My first scientific article is almost ready to be submitted. If they get accepted, the results will be available… somewhere next summer.

So unfortunately, I can’t publish lots of details already, but I did publish my first international conference presentation on Slideshare.

Looking forward to your comments.